Spaghetti sauce cooked in red wine

Spaghetti sauce cooked in red wine


  • Crushed tomatoes: 2 cans
  • Vegetable bouillon cubes: 3
  • Honey: 1 tablespoon
  • Salt: 1/4 teaspoon
  • Red Wine: 2 cups
  • Meatballs (veg or meaty): 4


I do not mind people telling me that food for me is nothing without wine. Drinking wine is like a part of a family tradition for me. I come from a long lineage of wine lovers and although it is an acquired taste for many people, I am blessed with an innate quality of drinking, enjoying and savoring a fine glass of wine. I started experimenting with different flavors and how they can be further enhanced with a drizzle of wine in the recipe. It is a dangerous are but if you are a scientifically curious spirit like me then you will take your chances for the sake of your taste buds. I have had some guidance from reading other people’s recipes and some are experiments of my own that I performed on my own kitchen shelf and whether it was success or failure, I accepted it as my very own.

Cruising through this experimental life, I have also figured out a few rest stops which turn out to be fail-safe spots that I can cook with my feet up and without worrying about a single thing going wrong. Such a sweet spot in my life is help by this spaghetti sauce recipe that I am so eager to share with all of you. Cooking the sauce I red wine, I was a little cautious in the beginning but now I find myself experimenting with the amount of wine that can or cannot be added to the recipe without loosing the essence of the sauce.

Wine drinking is not only about a family tradition but also a proven fact that contributes to a better health. I know not to overdo it while drinking as well as while I am cooking. This spaghetti sauce recipe just like the wine has been a family tradition that I haven’t tempered much with and like it the way that it is. Although I do substitute the fresh ingredients (since they are a lot of work if you do not want a chunky sauce) sometimes with the off the shelf substitutes that are available. Depending on the people that I am serving to, I cook this spaghetti sauce recipe with or without meatballs. Sometimes I use the vegetarian meatballs which are also available in raw form at the supermarket.

It is a nice surprise to both, my meat eating and vegetarian friends. So, throw on that apron tonight and let us get this going together:

  1. Use half the quantity of red wine to drizzle on the top of tomatoes and bouillon cubes that you have in a pan on medium heat. Do not turn the heat up since we are not cooking in oil, rather just cooking everything together to create a flavorful sauce.
  2. You might find that the mix keeps drying out so keep adding slight water every now and then to keep the sauce thick yet saving it from getting burnt or too dry.
  3. Once the mix comes to a boil, add the meatballs at this step if you will to. In this case your cooking time will go close to an hour since we want the meatballs to be cooked right till the center and that takes time.
  4. To estimate the right amount of time to cook the meatballs in sauce, check the packing that you have brought as it usually varies for every packing. Also, the meatballs and the vegetarian ones also take different times. The vegetarian ones will turn soft and be cooked in half the time than meat ones.
  5. Poke a fork through a meatballs too check if they are cooked and following this, add the remaining red wine.
  6. Finally add honey, salt and pepper to the prepared sauce after removing from heat. Stir the seasoning well into the mix in the pan.
  7. Your sauce is ready to be served over spaghetti with a sprinkling of grated cheese on top.