A thick yet low fat spaghetti sauce

A thick yet low fat spaghetti sauce


  • Weightwatchers Garlic Sauce: 350 g
  • White Mushrooms: 4
  • Green Pepper: 1
  • Onion: 1
  • Carrot: 1
  • Frozen Peas: 1/2 cup
  • Bacon Lardons: 2 cups


When was the last time you decided to cook something of the fresh ingredients? Well, this is the one change that has taken place in my lifestyle over the past few years; I have decided to place a conscious priority tag on my health and how I take care of it. I had had enough of all the canned food that I kept frozen for weeks, it was of course because I wanted to take the easy route at least in the kitchen when I had pressing responsibilities in other areas of my life. In just a few years, I realized that the other sectors that I was paying attention to will not even exist if I lost control over my health. I guess the adage that health is wealth really came true for me. I fell sick too often and started losing in all the areas. My concern for my family also grew. This was when the first change I made was to cook ad eat fresh as and whenever possible (read as at least one meal a day).

I realized that this saved me money and rewarded me with health. Now I just make sure that I always have some fresh vegetables at home so that I can quickly chop a few into whatever it is that I decide to have. I also decided to try out the weightwatchers products so as to bring the fat content under control. This is my take on perhaps the most common spaghetti sauce recipe that is a must for every home. Whether you have kids or are a bachelor or bachelorette who likes to hang out with friends at your place, this is one sauce that you can pour over spaghetti or pasta of any kind and quickly serve something hot and healthy to everyone. I used to find the chopping and dicing slightly annoying tasks but then I discovered that my wonderful husband was not only fond of it but good at it. I am grateful to have him not only as my life partner but also my cooking partner. He reduces the preparation time by half and keeps me smiling since I do not have to do the part I do not like.

So, if you have a partner or a friend who would be happy to help, get them going. One of the myths related to sauces are that you can execute a spaghetti sauce recipe without having to add any soup or paste. I am sorry but you have to add the saucy texture for the fresh ingredients to not look like just cooked vegetables. A watery sauce is a great turn off for me.

I like the chunky sauce but do not want to load up on fat and the vegetables help me do just that. So, without any further delay, let me share this gem of a spaghetti sauce recipe with all of you. Enjoy cooking this one!

Steps to prepare and cook: 1. Have a frying pan set on medium heat and add the bacon lardons. Do not add any oil, just let the bacon cook and turn the heat to low after a minute. You will notice that bacon is almost cooked in a few minutes. 2. At this step, have the washed and chopped vegetables ready to be added to the frying pan. Remember we are cooking in the bacon fat and no oil needs to be added here. Add all the vegetables and let them cook at still after a through stirring. 3. I might be using a frying pan, but notice that we are not really frying but more like roasting everything until now. 4. After the vegetables are soft and cooked properly, add the sauce, the whole jar of 350 g and let the sauce simmer for a few minutes. Then remove the heat and serve over cooked pasta.

I adore this recipe for the primary reason of low fat content. I hope you can appreciate this too!